Monday, 27 November 2017

C Program to count number of words

Write a C program to count number of words.
Example : Welcome to SimpleWay2Code ↵

int main()
    char a[50];
    int l,word=0,i=0;
    printf("Enter A String: ");
        if(a[i]==' ' && a[i+1]!=' ')
    return 0;

/* Explaination  */
/* This program will help to count number of words in a line.
  for(l=0;a[l]!='\0';l++) is used to  calculate total number of characters. Its will help in Space checking condition in next loop. The condition  if(a[i]==' ' && a[i+1]!=' ')  is taken because if there are two spaces between two words then it will take it only as one space rather taking two space*/

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