Monday, 6 November 2017

Important For TCS Coding Round

➧ Kindly note that certain keywords like "scanf, getc, getch, getchar" cannot be used while solving those problem which will be given during examination.

➧ It can be done by using Command Line Arguments.


➧ Please check Your Code many times before running / Compiling it, because If you make any logical error or any kind of mistake then it may happen that your program will go to an infinite loop. If somehow your program will fall in Infinite loop then its not possible to Come Out of it. So don't do such mistake that will lead your program to an Infinite Loop.

➧ If such situation happens, then it will terminate only when your timer turns to Zero ( i.e., after completing time period provided ).

➧ Some test cases are Public (shown) Test cases and some are Private Test cases. Make Sure that Your program must pass all Test cases.

➧ Public Test Case means a set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected results which is given in Question.
Example: Input: 5 then factorial: 120

➧ Private Test Case  means a set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected results which is not given in Question but it will check that whether your program satisfies it or not.

➧ Precision need to be maintained ( as asked in question ). If it is mentioned to show output till two digits after decimal. 
for Example 3.07 then print only exactly 2 decimal precision. 

➧ No other Information should be printed to stdout. 

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