Sunday, 17 December 2017

TCS - Written test experience by SHRUTI JAIN

KIET, Ghaziabad

Hello friends, 
I recently appeared for the TCS recruitment process. The round 1 was written test of 90 mins. First section was email writing which you can practice from .  Next section was aptitude. Dear friends this is the part which will make a huge difference. Aptitude level is not at all easy. The star marked question which carry more marks are very difficult. Practice aptitude as much as you can. is good to practice previous years papers of TCS. Third section was Technical MCQ.  For that I would firstly like to thank , all the questions were from this site. And 2 questions which were not from this site were from pointers and functions. Fourth section was coding. According to The open coding practice scheme  we have to do coding using command line argument but on the day of the test, in the instructions box it was written that we have to use scanf() function. Programs were asked from string Convert vowels of a string to uppercase. 
Best of luck!!

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