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TCS - Interview Experience by Souvik Kundu

Submitted by - Souvik Kundu

Meghnad saha institute of technology, West Bengal

I recently participated in a POOL-campus TCS recruitment drive and total participated student were 330 from our college MSIT, kolkata.

TCS recruitment process consists of 2 parts:

1) 90 min test consisting of:

    i) email writing of 10 min

    ii)aptitude questions of 40 min

    iii)C concept MCQ of 20 min

    iv)1 coding question based on C of 20 min.

2)Technical + HR interview

For me First round was easy to medium .

In case of email writing , the topic was very easy means general common topic. my topic was "your project won the best innovative project of the year, so write a email to your project manager to thank you him for his helping hand and supportive role."

In case of Aptitude round, the questions was easy to medium level for first 18 questions , 2 questions were bonus marks but those questions were hard .

In case C mcq. the questions was easy for CS and IT stream students ,very basic questions.

In case of coding round , our question was to write a program to reverse a number (we can use scanf)

Input: 12345

Output: 54321

After 2 months TCS declared the first round result, total 75 students cleared the first round out of 330 students. I was one of them.
I suggest you ,you must need to score at least 70 percent to crack this first round.

The 2nd round was held at TCS Gitanjali Park, Kolkata.

Overall 583 students(total number of first round cleared students from west bengal) appeared in this round.

The interview round panel consist of 3 interviewer(1 technical+ 1 HR + 1 Managerial ).

So my interview started at 2:45 pm .

The Questions which were asked :
ME:Enter the room.
Interviewer: plz! take your seat.
ME:Thank you.
Interviewer: Hello (with smile)
ME: Hello (with smile)
Interviewer : do you have any backlog throughout the semester ?
Me : No
Interviewer : do you have any year gap ? 
Me : no
Interviewer : do you know any latest technology other than mentioned in your CV?
Me : yes sir , big data hadoop
Interviewer : what is hadoop ?
Me : told
Interviewer : what is function of namenode and jobtracker ?
Me : told
Interviewer : what is big data ?
Me : told ( they smile )
Interviewer : has bigdata any size limit ? Means giga bytes and zega bytes ?
Me : told .. no limit
Interviewer: three dimensions of big data ? What is the application of big data ?
Me : told ... but not satisfied ...
Interviewer : asked some fb and google big data related questions ,very conceptual questions
Me : told
Interviewer : briefly tell about Yourself ?
Me : told ...
Interviewer : you are from IT stream what is difference between CS and IT ? Why do you choose IT stream ??? why not CS?
Me : told
Interviewer : your hobbies is net suffing.. which types of sites mainly you are following
Me: geekforgeek, github, tutorials-point, Youtube
Interviewer : which types of video you generally likes to watch on youtube
Me : Innovative latest technology types
Interviewer : Last time you have watched which latest technology video ?
Me : told
Interviewer :Last time latest technology you have read it from website
Me : told
Interview : okay now tell me what is your computer proficiency ?
Me : java ,c
Interviewer: what is difference between java and c ?
Me :told
Cross questions starts from difference
Interviewer : what is pointer ? Tell the syntax
Me : told
Interviewer : what is the purpose of pointer ?
Told : told
Interviewer : what is top-down approach ?
Me :told but they are not satisfied..
Interviewer : you tell that pointer not support in java.. so what features java has in replace of pointer ?
Me : told
Interviewer : how many operator in c ?
Me : told ...
Interviewer : so your project is completed ? Or still ongoing ?
Me : completed
Interviewer : your project is tough one ...
So tell me what was your role in project ?
Me : told
Interviewer : tell me the overview of your project..
Me : told
Interviewer : ask some project related questions ?
Me : told
Interviewer : what is encrypt ?
Me : told
Interviewer : define constructor
Me :told
Interviewer : what is inheritance ?
Me : told
Interviewer : what is method overloading ?
Me : told
Interviewer : difference between i++ and ++i ?
Me : told
Interviewer : what is interface ?
Me : told
Interviewer : can you implement function overloading in c ?
Me : no.. not possible ...
Lots of questions asked but i cant remember now the questions was basic questions of c,java
Interview : write a short program to check the number is palindrome or not
Me : I did it and explain it.
Interviewer : good
Me : smile
Interview: different between white box and black box testing
Me : told
Interview : different between alpha and beta testing
Me : told
Interview : do you have done any testing himself in your project
Me : told yes i do
Interview : which types testing
Me : told
Interview : okk..good
Interview : with good facial expression and great smile 3 of them told me now you can go.
Me : thank you..

After 48 hours the TCS company annouched the final result, total 30 students selected from meghanad saha institute of technology (msit), kolkata out of 75. But unfortunately I am not selected , I was totally suprised after hearing this news , this was the my saddest failure day of my life.
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