TCS Offcampus Drive Experience 2018

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I applied for the offcampus drive of TCS . I m posting my experience because I got a lot of knowledge from simpleway2code site and sharing my experience for future aspirants.
The first round was aptitute where there will be as usual questions including starred ones. Questions for TCS is bit tough compared to others, but the pattern will be almost similar. I practiced from There will be one or two repeated questions. There is an additional c programming questions ( around 10 questions) . I prepared it from 'SimpleWay2Code'. It helped me a lot. Practice all questions from here.
The next will be the interview. There will be technical managerial and HR. This time they conducted in one round itself where a panel of 3 interwiewer were there. They will ask some technical questions related to core and ask basic questions about programming. Be prepared with the latest technologies. Be confident in your resume.
Interview Experience - SimpleWay2Code

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