Wipro Syllabus for Online Test

Wipro Coding (Java and C++) Syllabus:
The coding syllabus for Wipro Online Assessment are as Follows:

Data Structure Concepts for Wipro online test:
Array & Metrics:

1D Array

Array Rotations

Arrangement & Rearrangement of elements of array

Properties of Matrices

Inverting Matrices

Transpose of the Matrix

Linked List
Basic Operations on Linked List

Circular Linked List

Sting Processing & Manipulation:
Basic String Operation

Pattern Searching

Basic stack operations

Basic queue operations

Sorting and Searching
Linear and binary search

Various sorting concepts

Advanced Design and Analysis Techniques

Greedy Algorithms:
Activity-selection problem

Fractional knapsack

Minimum Spanning Trees:
Kruskal's & Prim's 

String Matching:
Naive string-matching algorithm

Divide and Conquer:
Sorting algorithms

Binary Search

Computational Geometry:
Line-segment properties

Intersection of line segment

Wipro Written Communication Test:
Wipro Written Communication Test, also known as Write X tests your written English. You must write an essay on the give topic within 100 to 400 words.

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