C Program


To Print Hello World without semicolon.

To find GCD.

To check Palindrome.

To Reverse String / Integer.

To Reverse any number.

To count number of Words.

To Convert lowercase String.

To convert Centigrade to Fahrenheit

To convert Fahrenheit to Centigrade

To find ASCII Value of a Character

To find Sum of odd numbers between range.

To find Smallest element in array using Pointers.

To find biggest among Two Numbers using Pointers.

To count numbers of Vowels using Pointers.

To Swap Two numbers using Pointers.

To Check given Number is Prime or not.

To check given Number is Perfect or not.

To check given number is Strong number or not.

To print fibonacci series within given range.

To find result of power of a number.

To generate Multiplication Table. 

To split number into digits.

To count number of digits in a number.

To find sum of digits of given number.

To print all prime upto given Range.

To print Fibonacci Series upto given number.

To Find largest among three number using Conditional 

To find largest element of an Array.

To find largest and smallest element in an Array.

To find Second Largest and Second Smallest element of an unsorted Array.

To find Factorial of a number using recursion.

To find out Sum of digits of number using recursion.

To print Fibonacci series using recursion.

To find Reverse of any number using recursion.

To check a number is Palindrome or not using recursion.

To print number from 1 to 100 without using loop.

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