C Programming Using Command Line Argument

Command Line Arguments in C Programming Explanation

How to run C program using Command Line Arguments  in Turbo C++ ??

How to run C program using Command Line Arguments  in CodeBlocks ??

Calculating Sum of Two Number

Checking number is EVEN or ODD

Calculating Factorial ( Question Same as TCS open sesame )

Checking Palindrome 

Calculating Average of numbers

Calculating GCD / HCF

Calculating ASCII

To find largest among N numbers

Calculating Square root without using sqrt()

Print Name using Command Line Argument

Conversion  of  Decimal to Binary

Conversion  of  Binary to Decimal

Conversion  of  Binary to Octal

Sum of Prime Number

Calculating Area of circle

Sum of digits of Number

Check whether a given String is Palindrome or not

Check whether a year is Leap or not

Prime Sum within given range 

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  1. In TCS code test which complier we have to use ...

    1. U will be provided by a compiler designed by tcs.
      But don't do such mistake Which leads your program fall into infinite loop because in that compiler its not possible. It will terminate only after completion of test . Check your logic, loops multiple times to avoid it

  2. plzz give us some suggestions regarding tcs coding test

    1. Have u seen placement papers section ??
      Or u can also see this 👇👇https://simpleway2code.blogspot.in/2017/10/c-coding-questions-asked-in-tcs-coding.html?m=1

  3. plz provide string reverse code

    1. http://simpleway2code.blogspot.com/2017/10/reverse.html

  4. Can you please provide the searching and sorting programs using command line

  5. Command line argument must?